BetCarlyle: New Player Referral Program

BetCarlyle offers the Best and Most Lucrative New Player Referral Program Anywhere

We are constantly looking to add New Players and nobody is more aggressive than us with referral bonuses for those potential New Players. Many current BetCarlyle players have friends and/or family that are either playing on their account, with another off-shore service, or a local bookie. (who may or may not pay out)

* Players are responsible for ALL wagers on their account, including any placed by friends, family, or others.

* Players are encouraged to avoid these problems and make their life easier by referring them to us for their own account.

* Players will receive Free Action & Cash for those Referrals. (See Below)

By Sending BetCarlyle a Referral, Current Players are Stating:

* YOU, the Current BetCarlyle Player, are VOUCHING for The Referral.

* YOU, the Current BetCarlyle Player, will be held Accountable for any issues that arise between BetCarlyle and The Referral.

* The REFERRAL is a Reliable Individual who can “Pay Bills”, and wants to work with Professionals that are Serious about their Services.

* The REFERRAL is NOT just interested in “Hitting and Running” with the Up-Front Free Action.

Players With a New Referral Receive:

* $125 FREE ACTION, Up-Front per Referral *

* $125 CASH, for each Referral, After the Referral’s First Pay-In *

* 15% CASH, for each Referral’s First Pay-In Amount *

Players New Referral Receive:

* $100 FREE ACTION, Up-Front

* FREE ½ POINT and 50% JUICE DISCOUNT, for the first 2 weeks, on All “INTERNET” Straight Pointspread and Totals Wagers

* 10% FREE ACTION MATCH, on Pay-Ins (or) 10% CASH DEPOSIT MATCH, on Pay-Ins

* 25% FREE ACTION MATCH, on “FIRST TIME” PayPal Use (Pay-In or Pay-Out, Not Both)

New Referral’s Can Try BetCarlyle For FREE:

Website: - Account ID: to1111 - Password: guest

Players That Have a New Referral:

Please Return To The Homepage and Click On the "Sign Up Now" Link (Bottom Right of the Homepage)


If this is NOT the Best Offer in the Industry, Tell us what is, and BetCarlyle will BEAT IT !!!